About me

laliLaura Carrillo

I got the degree of architect in Argentina in 2013. A year later I moved to Spain where I live now becauese I fell in love. I’d like to develop an artistic and handcraft stage to share with you and if is is possible to live on.



The Arts and Crafts is an artistic movement originated at the end of century XIX. Its driving was the multifaceted William Morris, dedicated to the handicrafts, design, writing, poetry, engineering, among others. He wanted to recover and claim the medieval arts and crafts, contrary to the increasing forms of mass production of the time. From a moral point of view, the movement was opposed to industrialization and the substitution of manual labor for machining. It was about re-having respect and consideration for the craftsman as creator of pieces of art, as opposed to the degradation and annulment of him, characteristic of that time. The materials and method should be appropriate and reflect the designer’s seal. The quality of work and finishing was important; and the consequent satisfaction for both the artist and the client.

This situation is not very different from the one we live in today. Due to the economic crisis and excessive consumerism we have entered into a system in which a great number of equal objects of dubious quality and unknown origin are produced, idolizing the great businessman and forgetting who actually made it. We seek, many times, to buy a lot and pay little. But it would be nice to remember, in the measure of the possibilities of each one, that behind an object, or that garment of clothing, is a human being, who has invested time and money in a creative process, and in a careful elaboration using a technique and quality materials. An artisan product is definitely a product made with love that gives us the possibility to give away or give us an original, unique and personalized object.