Toys and values.

Toys as tools for the transmission of values.

María Cecilia Carrillo 

The game

Playing is one of the defining aspects of childhood, while play is the basis of a child’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.

Why is it important to play?

  • The game involves physical exercise, development of resistance and body flexibility and increased control and psychomotor integration.
  • In the cognitive, the game promotes the creativity, the learning, the development of the imagination and the symbolic capacity.
  • Emotional play is a source of pleasure and joy, strengthens stress response systems and emotional regulation, promotes emotional bonds, psychic flexibility, active adaptation, development of strategies to identify and solve problems, discover strengths, Overcome challenges and transform realities.
  • The game prepares to live in society. It allows you to discover and know the environment, as well as recognize and accept others.
  • As in the theater, when a child plays create stories and represent characters, that is, becomes the author of his destiny and protagonist of his actions. Through the scenes of his story he expresses concerns he tries to solve and exposes his understanding of how things work.


The toys are useful tools to stimulate the activity lúdica. While any object of everyday life can become a toy, it is often adults who provide toys to children. Toys are a reflection of the society in which we are inserted and at the same time transmit the natural values of a society.

The choice of toys

When we think about children’s education, we do not limit ourselves to academics, we also want them to develop competencies that allow them to build and live in a better society than ours.

In the light of conflicts that affect humanity and demographic changes, we raise the need to educate for peace, dialogue, teamwork, conflict resolution, tolerance and cooperation.

Increasingly aware of the need to educate in inclusion and diversity and the responsibility of adults, the market has shown greater openness to include toys that reflect the diversity of bodies, cultural diversity and the reality of people with illnesses and Disabilities. The purpose of these toys is to show children that the world is made up of people very different from each other and there is no reason to set aside those who make a difference.

To the extent that parents and educators select toys with positive values, they will contribute to a more inclusive game. However, this choice is sometimes not easy because we are prejudiced when choosing toys. At this time, it will be important to keep in mind that children learn from us adults.


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  2. These are absolutely adorable. They’d make perfect holiday gifts, or even baby shower or birthday gifts.


  3. Leigh Anne says:

    I love these! We have two little children that I know would adore these.


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    interesting read thanks for posting


  5. Great read. I don’t have children but I love that you did the article in English and Spanish. Good work!


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