Special Dates: Mother’s day, father’s day, teacher’s day, San Valentin’s day, Wedding, anniversary & engagement gifts.

Sant Jordi, Catalunya-Saint George, Catalonia


san valentine´s day, mother´s day, teacher´s day, father´s day, gifts, speacial dates

Knight, dragon and princess.

“The knight has rescued the princess from the clutches of the dragon”. The set consists of a dragon lying dormant, carrying a rose in the mouth. The knight, the princess and a book of tales. All crochet fabric with cotton thread brand Katia Mississippi3.

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Weddings, engagements, proposal, anniversaries.

amigurumi, dragon, stuffed, ring box, proposal, engagement, anniversary gift
Proposal, engagement, anniversary gifts

Original marriage proposal.

It is a nice dragon that opens at the mouth and allows you to save something special: like wedding rings! If you want to propose to her, this could be a beautiful way to do it. This amigurumi is completely handmade, crochet woven with much affection and with cotton thread.It has a rose in the right hand and a big smile that makes it very special for the occasion.

Does not include rings.

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Are you looking for a totally personalized wedding cake topper couple?

Wedding cake topper couple, bride and groom personalized amigurumis.

It is a tender couple (amigurumi) of newlyweds.
The bride and the groom are woven crochet with fine cotton thread.

The height is approximately 22 cm (8,66 inches).
They are ideal to give as a souvenir to the newly married couple, to use as a cake topper, to propose marriage to him/her or according to some traditions to give away in the celebration to friendly couples who are the next ones to get married. You can also give it away to your partner as an anniversary gift.
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Graduation, teacher appreciation gifts.

Crochet, stuffed, doll, personalized, gift, for, teachers, day, appreciation, gift
Teacher´s day, teacher appreciation gift

Teacher appreciation gift, teacher gifts, personalized teacher gifts, teacher retirement gift.

Career dolls totally personalized (customized). It is ideal to give someone away or give yourself away. I will make it according to the buyer´s requirements. It can be female or male. And you will have to specify the physical characteristics (hair colour, skin colour, complexion, etc.), the type and colour of clothes and the work or hobby that perform (Architect, photographer, chef, seamstress, pizza delivery company, housewife, sportsman, etc.). The size is approximately 21 cm (8,26 inches) high. It consists of doll and accessories that complement and explain her/him profession and the setting blackground. For more information click on buy it.


Father’s Day fishing gifts.

camouflage, knitted, wool, yarn, cap, beanie, slouchy, hat, fisherman, fishermen, fishing, gift, wainter, fashion, accessories, Etsy store
Are you looking to camouflage yourself with nature?

 Knitted unisex camouflage cap.

Wool cap in shades of green, brown and yellow (camouflage).

Hand knitted with two needles. It molds perfectly to the head.

Very warm. Ideal as a gift for fishermen.

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Valentine’s day, Mother‘s day, anniversary & engagement gifts.

crochet, rose, gift, anniversary, engagement, mothers day, spedial dates, presents, gifts
Valentine´s day, anniversary, proposal, engagemet, gifts, Mother´s day

Crochet red rose to give away on special dates.

Delicate handmade rose, ideal to dedicate to a woman on a special day.
Each petal has been crocheted in Egyptian cotton thread.

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